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Rakovski Industrial Zone

The first industrial zone in Bulgaria offering attractive conditions for establishing production, warehousing and logistic is developing in the Municipality of Rakovski, near the city of Plovdiv.

The project is a private initiative supported by the local municipal authorities, the Invest Bulgaria Agency, the German-Bulgarian Industrial-Trade Chamber and the Foundation for Local Government Reform.


Location and Map

Republic of Bulgaria, Region of Plovdiv, Municipality of Rakovski.

   Transport scheme (pdf, 509 kb)



Industrial Zone Characteristics

  • Terrain of 815 000 square meters in the village of Stryama,
    Municipality of Rakovski
  • Connection to electricity network of 20 kV
  • Water supply
  • Gas supply
  • Optical communications
  • Sewage
  • Asphalt road access
  • Distance to Trakia motorway (Sofia – Istanbul) – 8 km
  • Distance to the city of Plovdiv (second biggest city in Bulgaria) – 14 km
  • Distance to the capital, the city of Sofia – 140 km
  • Region with tax incentives according to Art. 61/f of the Corporate Income Tax Act – 100% exemption of corporate income tax for all companies and partnerships involved in manufacturing in regions with high unemployment.


Services provided to Investors in the Zone

  • Providing land, fit for industrial construction
  • Issued necessary initial permits for construction and works
  • Design and construction of industrial production facilities in accordance with investor’s specifications
  • Rapid implementation term
  • Construction of industrial production facilities upon leasing scheme with bank financing
  • Providing production buildings for renting or purchasing
  • Other schemes proposed by investors
  • Skilled labor resources
  • Administrative services


Master plan

Rakovski Master plan (pdf, 1.80 mb)







On June 21, 2005 the Project was officially awarded – The first industrial zone in Bulgaria – Rakovski Industrial Zone – Public Private Partnership model.
The award was personally bestowed by the
Minister of Finance.




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About the Municipality of Rakovski


  • Proximity to large European, Russian and Asian markets
  • 25 km away from Plovdiv International Airport
  • A ring gas line neighboring Rakovski Industrial Zone
  • 8 km away from Trakia Highway
  • 100% exemption of corporate income tax
  • Competitive operational cost and low tax rates
  • Workforce capable of being trained
  • Predominant young population
  • 5 universities in 25 km distance
  • Traditions in machine industry, food and beverages production, agricultural business
  • Fast developing SMEs
  • Nice climate
  • Hospitality



  • Region with tax incentives according to Art.61/d of the Corporate Income Tax Act – 100% exemption of corporate income tax for all companies and partnerships involved in manufacturing in regions with high unemployment


Priority for development

  • Development of human resources and improvement of the social infrastructure
  • Sustainable development of the local economy
  • Improvement and development of the technical infrastructure
  • Improvement of the environment


Special events

  • An International festival of mummers’ and masquerade games

An International festival of mummers’ and masquerade games takes place in Municipality of Rakovski every year on Friday and Saturday before Shrovetide. It is the last big holiday of winter – one of the most colorful customs in Bulgaria and it personifies the transitions from winter to spring.
The festival is organized by Municipality of Rakovski and people’s Community Centers under the patronage of the Major. More than 2000 performances take part in it from the whole Bulgaria and European countries – Serbia, Greece and Ireland.
Municipality of Rakovski is a member of the Federation of European Carnival Cities – FECC with head office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

  • International Children’s Football Tournament

Four times Municipality of Rakovski has organized an International Children’s Football Tournament, supported by the Bulgarian football union and the Ministry of youth and sports. Up to now the teams of "Milan"- Italy, "Stuttgart"-Germany, "Hibernians" – Malta, "Maksimir" – Croatia, "Ruh hojov" – Poland, "Bradforg" – England, "Fenerbahche" – Turkey, were guests in the Municipality of Rakovski. Special guests were Daniale Masaro and Anjelo Kolombo. The tournament is held in April at "G.S.Rakovski" stadium and it is organized for children born in 1991 and 1992.

  • International Christian Youth Festival

An international Christian Youth Festival takes place in the Village of Belozem in Rakovski Municipality  every last week of August. The theme of the last festival was "Quo Vadis" (Where do you go?) and was meant to encourage people to ask themselves where they are going to their life. The festival is opened for young people at the age of 14 and above. Every participant can choose the performance (sole artist) or a group performance.



  • Transitory continental climatic zone; mild winter and dry summer
    Altitude: 150-300 m.
  • Average annual temperature: +12 °C
  • Average July temperature: 22 - 24 °C
  • Average January temperature: from -1.5 to +1°C
  • Average annual precipitation: 539 mm
  • Average annual duration of sunshine: 2264 hours
  • Average annual humidity: 70%


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