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Trud Newspaper, July 1-st, 2006

Trud Newspaper
July 1st, 2006
page 10

Stoyan Stalev, director of the InvestBulgaria Agency and representatives of Sienit Holding and Eden Holding turned the first sod of a new industrial-logistic park on the territory of the Maritsa Municipality yesterday. The park will develop on area of 800 000 m² and will give work to 3000 people. The investment is 150 million Lev.

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AmCham Bulgaria magazine

MARITSA FORUM Mulls Infrastructure,
Industrial Zones and Support of SMEs
May, 2006
AmCham Bulgaria magazine

Bulgarian industrial zones, infrastructure, building of roads and freeways, as well as better economic and trade relations with the neighboring Greece and Turkey were the main topics discussed at the economic forum Maritsa held in Plovdiv on April 11-12.

The event was organized for a second time by the Bulgarian Economic Forum and was dedicated to the Southern-Central Economic Region covering the administrative regions of Plovdiv, Pazardjik, Star Zagora, Haskovo, Kurdjali and Smolyan. The most attractive sectors for the Turkish business are energy, construction, banking sector and electronics. Turkey was represented...   read full text ...

February, 2006
Index Property magazine

Bulgarian and foreign Investors have started development and brought to the market the first modern industrial and business zones and parks.

When an investor considers where to position his business he is led by many conditions, which can be generalized by the concept: economic efficiency.
Depending on the products or services which he delivers, respectively on the expenses having the biggest share, he can locate himself close to the infrastructure which connects him to outside markets of row materials and ready production or to a place where the labor force costs are the most advantageous.
These are basically the reasons to present the new generation industrial parks and business zones in Bulgaria, their location and conditions for establishing of new companies and activities.   read full text ...

January 25, 2006
24 Hours Newspaper, Bulgaria

500 million Euro have been invested green field
in that region for 10 years

For 15 years in Bulgaria – outside of the privatization and the restructure of the economy and the old state enterprises – a lot of new factories have been built.
Their owners are Bulgarian and foreign investors which chose to invest their money in modern buildings and production halls with modern technologies.

24 Hours starts series about this new industry which gradually changes the faces of entire villages, towns and regions. Our purpose is to find them, to tell about them and how they change the industrial map of the country.  read full text ...

Trud newspaper;  August 18, 2005

August 18, 2005
Trud newspaper, Bulgaria

Eng. Valentin Kanchev and his colleague Plamen Panchev are the owners of Sienit,the Plovdiv building company, established in 1992. They both are a bit over forty.

Valentin Kanchev is a building engineer in the University of Architecture, Civil engineering and Geodesy. He has started a private business with a small building company.

Plamen Panchev has graduated the University of Forestry as layer-out of build-up areas. During the last years, Sienit has implemented mainly industrial projects – the factories of Liebherr, Socotab, Mirolio and others.  read full text ...

Construction City Magazine, Bulgaria; July 11-17, 2005

in Rakovski Industrial Zone
Construction City Magazine, Bulgaria
July 11-17, 2005

A commodity market place and a producers-market have been designed on an area of 86 000 square meters – says Nikolay Brankov, Manager of the Rakovski Industrial Zone

Until last year (2004) in Bulgaria there was not any industrial zone which could fit to the requirements of the Bulgarian and foreign investors. Everybody who has decided to settle a production in Bulgaria had to walk alone on the entire way through its all stages. With the flexibility that we are developing and running the project, we consider that we can answer all specific requirements and needs of every particular investor and we can provide spaces, services and individual solution for every one ...  read full text ...

Construction City Magazine, April 18-24, 2005

in Rakovski Industrial Zone
Construction City Magazine, Bulgaria
April 18-24, 2005

Sienit Holding SA and the Italian company Ferreti International are going to build a luxury Mall and a residential estate for 15 million Euro.

There are seven new enterprises that are being in a process of project design in the Rakovski Industrial Zone, next to the city of Plovdiv. It is now finishing the making of the project of a German textile company on an area of 7 600 square meters.
An Italian company has bought a terrain of 7 000 square meters for a factory for production of furniture. A market-place project is also been designed at the moment. It is now being developed Bulgarian-Italian collaboration...  read full text ...

August-September 2004
Index Property magazine, Bulgaria

On 815 000 square meters on the territory of the municipality of Rakovski on 15th July started the building of the first until now private industrial zone in Bulgaria. Its good location – 8 km. to Trakia highway and 14 km. to Plovdiv city – makes it very attractive for investors with production activities.

At this moment Rakovski Industrial Zone has partly built underground structure. The possibility for gasification of the industrial region is a privilege.

The state will invest resources into the power infrastructure and the building of a road section connecting the industrial zone with Trakia highway – has explained Pavel Ezekiev, the president of Bulgarian Foreign Investment Agency   read full text ...


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