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Seven new projects are starting in Rakovski Industrial Zone

Construction City Magazine, Bulgaria
April 18-24, 2005


Sienit Holding SA and the Italian company Ferreti International are going to build a luxury Mall and a residential estate for 15 million Euro.

There are seven new enterprises that are being in a process of project design in the Rakovski Industrial Zone, next to the city of Plovdiv. It is now finishing the making of the project of a German textile company on an area of 7 600 square meters.
An Italian company has bought a terrain of 7 000 square meters for a factory for production of furniture. A market-place project is also been designed at the moment. It is now being developed Bulgarian-Italian collaboration for a factory for reinforced-concrete constructions. There is already being issued a construction permit for the central logistic warehouse of Kaufland on a terrain of 125 000 square meters and 60 000 square meters of build-up area.
The first stage which has to finish till the end of 2005 is 10 000 square meters .That information was presented from eng. Mr. Plamen Panchev, Manager of Sienit Ltd, during a Bulgarian-Italian business forum which was held last week in Sofia.
In the industrial zone they are building also a modern bus-station, a restaurant, a hotel and a petrol station. Negotiations with English, Swiss and Italian companies are now being initiated.
Rakovski Industrial Zone is located on an area of 815 000 square meters, 14 km. North-East to Plovdiv, it is close to Striama village, 8 km. away from Trakia highway and 140 km. away from the capital. The Zone is located in a region with tax concessions. It has been officially introduced in July 2004 with the first investor – the UK Company William Hughes with a production hall for production of automotive parts. Every investor is provided with terrain with changed status and with an opportunity for fast starting and realization of the project.
Ensuring of centralized services, entire infrastructural solution, transport, telecommunication and energy supply networks, technologies and additional services allows the optimization of the business in the Zone.
In the first industrial zone Maritza which is located on the Trakia highway close to Plovdiv there are three new-building enterprises – the representation of Mercedes, Hyundai and a Customs terminal. A big terrain has been bought by an Israel company for development of a logistic center. The second stage of the Liebherr refrigerator factory near Plovdiv is also starting. The first stage which was executed by the company Sienit has built up area of 20 000 square meters on 100 000 square meters of land, the second stage will cover 30 000 square meters more.
The building of a luxury Mall and a residential complex in Plovdiv is going to start in May – was the other news which Plamen Panchev and Alberto Ferreti have presented during the business-forum in Sofia. The total amount of the investments is 15 million Euro and the building will continue 36 months. The investor is Sifer Ltd with Manager Pietro Luigi Gia. The company is a partnership between Sienit and Ferreti Interantional. The company has bought 50 000 square meters of former military terrains in Plovdiv on the North of the Metro Cash and Carry hypermarket. There will be situated a poly-functional Mall called Gallery with four floors and with 60 000 square meters spread build-up area with a zone for offices with 20 000 square meters and a residential complex with three buildings with a total built-up area of 30 000 square meters and a lot of green spaces between them.
The total spread build-up area of the complex is 110 000 square meters. The residential part will be designed and accomplished at a high standard. The project team includes consultants from Italy, especially for the design and from Bulgarian side the architects – George Stoianov and Angel Primov.
The main activities of Sienit Holding S.A. are complex development of industrial, administrative and residential projects, professional consulting in the building sphere and reconstructions, production of concrete and reinforced-concrete elements. Among the referent objects are the factories of Mirolio in the city of Elin Pelin – 30 000 square meters built-up area on 40 000 square meters of land;  a textile factory located near Plovdiv, property of the Italian company Bulsafil; the biggest factory for processing of oriental tobacco in Europe – 52 000 square meters built-up area on 140 000 square meters terrain in the municipality of Maritza and many others.
Ferreti International is a private building enterprise with activities all over the world in the field of engineering, civil construction, realization of turn key projects, a great number of installation works and many others. The annual turnover of the company was 40 million Euro for 2003. The main markets of the company are in Germany, Belgium, Spain, Romania, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Libya and Qatar.


Eng. Plamen Panchev – Manager ot Sienit Ltd:
"The Rakovski Industrial Zone is an example for a partnership between private interest, local authorities and the Government.
We have started with the experience of the projects of companies like Mirolio, Liebherr, Sokotab and others. The main purpose now is to help Bulgarian and foreign investors – we have to ensure possibilities for construction of modern industrial facilities, develop entire infrastructural solutions in order to finalize projects in suitable terms of time."

Alberto Ferreti – executive director of Ferreti International:
"The building of the new luxury complex and residential section in Plovdiv is a high-quality project which is going to start in a month. We are working with our partner Sienit who has the entire necessary technology and know-how and will accomplish the management and the construction."

Notes to the pictures:

1/left picture/
An industrial factory is already working in the Rakovski Industrial Zone which was inaugurated in the summer of 2004.

2/right picture/

Eng. Plamen Panchev the manager of Sienit Ltd /on the right side of the picture/ and Alberto Ferreti the executive director of Ferreti International during the time of the Bulgarian-Italian economic forum.

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