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Politics of Confidentiality in reference to the information of Site
This politics for keeping the confidentiality of the information is applicable to this site and does not concern by all means the indicated sites as links in the Site of Industrial Zones in Bulgaria in the global net. We invite you to examine the Politics for keeping the confidentiality of the information which is relevant to the site you are viewing now. If you do not agree with this Politics of confidentiality, we entreat you not to use this site.
As you enter in this site you give your assent with the conditions of this politics for keeping the confidentiality of the information.
The automatically collected information which is not of personal character
Industrial Zones in Bulgaria stands by the protection of the personal visitors' information. It is necessary to be noticed that we are able to give to our clients generalized statistic data, localization, the nature of the traffic, technology as well as the information of approved third sides which is relevant to the site. But this kind of statistic information will include no information allowing the personality to be identity.
Personal information
In order to answer to your questions and grant your requests it may happen to ask you for definite personal information, for example, your name, address, e-mail, phone number. We need such information in connection with your possible questions or to contact with you by e-mail or telephone when new products, services or promotions are available to you. If you order a separate product, require a service or send a material to this site, we may need an additional information of your order or/and an application for service. However, unless it provoked by the relevant legislation, we will not give this information to the third sides without your permission unless when it is necessary for the accomplishment of your order and answering your requests. But hereby you afford an opportunity to Industrial Zones in Bulgaria to exchange whatever information you are given with the other sections of Industrial Zones in Bulgaria in connection with all purposes described above.
In addition to your personal information, this site can use a technology which allows us to collect definite technical facts, for example, about your address according to the protocol of Internet (IP), the operation system of your computer the type of your browser, the nature of the traffic in the net, as well as the e-mails of all mentioned pages in the net.
It is necessary to note that there are always some risks about the personal informational, no matter how it was given - personally, on the phone or by Internet, because there is not any system or a technology which are absolutely reliable protected against manipulation of attacks of the hakers. have done their best to take steps to prevent and minimize the risks of unauthorized access, wrong use and errors concerning your personal information. For example, we use ciphering technologies in collecting or transferring of information which has more specific security inquiries.
Accuracy of the collecting information
On its own initiative or at your request Industrial Zones in Bulgaria can actualize, correct or delete whatever information which is inaccurate, incomplete or out-of-date and which is kept by Industrial Zones in Bulgaria in order to maintain this site.
Identification of the visitor
It is possible from time to time some information to be send to your personal computer, which can allow us to identify you. Such kind of information is usually known as "cookies". As it show when and how the visitors use our site, this information can help us to continue improving the site. We will use "cookies" only to look at the information on your hard disk which has been installed there by "cookies". The using of such "cookies" is an industrial standard and a large number of sites in the net apply them. "Cookies" retain on your personal computer but not in the site. If you do not wish to receive "cookies" or if you want us to inform you about the installation of "cookies", you have the opportunity to adjust your browser to realize the installation.
We have the right to change this politics for keeping the confidentiality of the information as well as to change, modify or withdraw the access to this site or to the contents of its pages at any time with or preliminarily notification.
We advise you to read our
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