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Maritsa Industrial and Commercial Zone


Location and Map

Republic of Bulgaria, Region of Plovdiv, Municipality of Maritsa.

Maritsa Industrial and Commercial Zone - Map


The region of Plovdiv

The region of Plovdiv (5928 square kilometers area) has stable social-economic development based on local resources and traditional cultural-historical facts, preferred place to live and work.

Convenient transport-geographic location, economic and human resource’s potential, favorable bio-climate resources, highly productive tillable lands and thermal-mineral waters.
The Pan European Corridors № 8, № 4 and №10 pass through Plovdiv.
The Plovdiv International Airport provides the air-transport communications of the region. The Airport ensures passenger and freight transport.

Economic development
The Region ensures 7.9% of the GDP in 2003 – the highest percentage for the country.
The Region is on forth place by direct foreign investments in the country.

Trade exhibitions
The International Plovdiv Fair /the biggest fair in South East Europe/ – is located in the city of Plovdiv. It is the first fair organization in Bulgaria, which is a member of the United Fair Industry Association UFI /since 1936/.

Unemployment in the Region
10.93% for 2004 - lower than the rate for the country (12.67%) for the same period.

Archaeological and culture-historical heritage of the past in the Region
One of the richest archaeological places in the country.
Unique for Europe and the world culture-historical heritage.

Trans-continental climate zone.

The city of Plovdiv:
Plovdiv is the second largest city in Bulgaria, situated on the Maritsa River on an area of 53 square kilometers and at 160 meters altitude.
Geo-strategic position as an important transport center with an international significance. Its unique location on these ancient crossroads has stimulated strong cultural and political influences from East and West civilizations, and yet maintained its unique cultural identity. Being older than most of the oldest towns like Rome, Athens, Carthage or Constantinople, an almost contemporary of Troy, Plovdiv is a town built upon layers of towns and a culture developed upon layers of cultures. They call it more "Ancient and eternal".
Plovdiv has population around 345 000 inhabitants with additional 600 000 more in radius of 15 km. in the surrounding towns and villages.
The city is a center of different department scientific institutions, high schools and cultural institutions.
The built up industrial zones and production infrastructure, located in the favorable for that purpose geographic points /directions/ of the city determinate industry as one of the leading fields in the Plovdiv’s economy.
The enterprises, located on the territory of the Plovdiv Municipality create over 68% of the GDP of the industry in Plovdiv Region.
The investment activity is dominant in the industrial sector - 60 % of the total investments are directed to the industry, energy supplying and building.


Industrial zone Characteristics

Terrain: Maritsa Industrial Zone consists of three sectors with the total area of 1 950 000 m².

Transport infrastructure and connections:
The Zone as a whole has an excellent transport access;
Located next to the "Trakia" motorway;
Direct connection to the International motorways crossing the country and making connections to Western Europe, Russia, Asia, Adriatic, Aegean and Black Sea. Direct connection to Pan European Transport Corridor IV, VIII and X, as well as an easy connection with Corridor IX;
Distance to the city center – 6 km.;
Distance to freight and passenger Railway Terminal – 1.5 km.;
City Railway Line will soon reach the Second sector of the Zone with its last station.

Customs Terminal within the Zone - serves all investors in the Zone.

Water Supply: Drinking and industrial.

Electricity supply: 20 kV.

Telephony and Data connections: Standard; Bulgarian Telecommunications Company.

Distance to nearest:
Police station – 3km.;
Fire station – 4 km.;
Hospital – 5 km.

Distance to nearest surface water: Maritsa River – 4 km.

Maritsa Industrial and Commercial Zone consists of three sectors, in different stage of development:

Investors and companies in the Zone:


Services provided to Investors in the Zone

  • Providing land, fit for industrial construction
  • Issued necessary initial permits for construction and works
  • Design and construction of industrial production facilities in accordance with  investor’s specifications
  • Rapid implementation term
  • Construction of industrial production facilities upon leasing scheme with bank financing
  • Providing production buildings for renting or purchasing
  • Other schemes proposed by investors
  • Skilled labor resources
  • Administrative services


Master plan

Master plan Maritsa

Master plan Maritsa (pdf, 1.99 mb)






STATUETTE OF HONOUR for special contribution to attracting investments in Bulgaria. The prize was bestowed on Sienit Holding by Stoyan Stalev, Executive Director of Invest Bulgaria Agency.




Maritsa Presentation (pdf...)





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About the Municipality of Maritsa

1. The Municipality
Municipality of Maritsa, Plovdiv Region was established as a municipality in 1987 with a Decree of the State Council. Its administrative center is based in Plovdiv regional center. It includes 19 villages – Trud, Manole, Rogosh, Graf Innatievo, Stroevo, Skutare, Caracovo, Voivodinovo, Radinovo, Kostievo, Benkovski, Voisil, Manolsko Konare, Iasno Pole, Dink, Zeliazno, Trilistnik, Kalekovets, Krislovo. The municipality is on 5th place in the Plovdiv region by number of inhabitants.

2. Location and transport-geographical advantages
Maritsa Municipality takes place in the Middle Trakia lowlands. It takes center position in the territory envelopment of the Plovdiv region, respectively in the South Central District and in the county. It is bounded by: Plovdiv, Rakovski, Rodopi, Sadovo, Kaloianovo and Saedinenie. It takes an area of 34256.8 hectares, which is 5.7% of the territory of the Maritsa region and 0.3% of the territory of the country.

3. Population
The Municipality of Maritsa is under the group of the "middle (30 000 - 100 000) municipalities". The population of the municipality is 4.5% of the population of the Municipality of Plovdiv and 0.4% of the population of the country.
Population density for the region is 94 inhabitants per kilometer. The population by residence is mainly village. The middle and big (over 1000 inhabitants) villages are predominant. The villages Trud, Manole and Rogosh have population over 3000 inhabitants. The most populous village is Trud (4000 inhabitants), the less populous village is Jeliazno (520 inhabitants).The villages Dink, Krislovo, Manolsko Konare, Radinovo, Trilistnik, Iasno Pole have under 1000 inhabitants.
The average inhabitants in a village in the municipality are 1668 people with 524 for the country, which is an indicator for a good potential of the human resources.

4. Unemployment
The unemployment in Municipality of Maritsa is 14.5%.

5. Business
Over 800 business entities have been registered in the Municipality, as 140 of them in the industry, 4 in the transport etc.
The specialized structure of the industry highly varied – food industry, machine-building industry, metal-cutting industry, wood-working, chemical and knitted industries.

6. Investment activity
75-80% of total investments in the Region are being implemented in the Municipality of Plovdiv. The raised size of the investments, especially in the last years, shows a serious temp of reconstruction and raising the productivity of some sectors.


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