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The purpose of the Kuklen Industrial and Commercial Zone is to create conditions for investors so they can organize their production, storage and commercial activities in one place
and in the fastest way.

Through concentration of the activities in one place the Zone provides an opportunity to reduce the products prime cost  as well as to expand and increase the overall efficiency of operation.

The Zone stimulates the investors by providing them with an opportunity to work in the most favorable material, administrative and infrastructure conditions.

The project KUKLEN INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL ZONE is a result of the initiative of  private companies and enjoys the support of the Municipality of Kuklen.


Location and Map

Republic of Bulgaria, Region of Plovdiv, Municipality of Kuklen.

Kuklen Industrial and Commercial Zone - Map


The Zone lies 10 km SE of the city of Plovdiv, by the Road II-86 which passes through the towns of Plovdiv, Assenovgrad, Smolyan and Rhudozem. According to the administrative layout of the Republic of Bulgaria, The Industrial Zone  belongs to the area of the Thrace and Strandzha geographical region, Upper Thracian sub-region, Plovdiv Region, in the center of South Central Region.

The closeness of the Zone to Plovdiv provides fast and easy access to this strategic for our country  industrial, commercial, scientific, cultural and communication center.

Founded in the ancient times, situated at crossroads from the East to Europe, from the Baltic Sea to the Mediterranean Sea and from the Black Sea to the Adriatic Sea, Plovdiv has population of 340 000 people and is an administrative centre of a region with population of 730 000 people.

The six universities, eight vocational and six specialized schools together with a number of divisions and schools within the system of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of Education and Science provide a wide range of highly qualified specialists in various fields who can serve the needs of potential investors in Kuklen ICZ.



Transport Connections and Communications

Transport Roads and Corridors

Transport Roads and CorridorsRoad II-86 is the main road to the Zone and the only one to connect the two biggest towns in the region – Plovdiv and Assenovgrad. In the South it reaches the town of Smolyan and one of the renowned Bulgarian winter resorts – Pamporovo. A new border-crossing point is planned to be built up at the Bulgarian-Greek border through which direct access to the port of Porto Lagos in the White Sea will be ensured.

Road II-86 is part of the shortest transport corridor connecting northern and central Europe via the river Danube with the Mediterranean Sea.

Two trans-European corridors №4 and №8 pass 20 km north of the Zone serving the main traffic from west and central Europe to the Middle East and Asia.

Air Transport

In the close proximity, some 3 km NE of the Zone is situated the International Plovdiv Airport. It is the biggest cargo airport in the Balkans from where all big air carriers can transport passengers and goods.

The Airport has a taking-off and landing lane which is large enough to be used by airplanes like Boeing 767 or bigger ones. There are eight stands equipped for the same type of planes at the aircrafts parking platform. 24-hours ground and customs services are provided for planes, passengers and freights. For the needs of the cargo transport there are four warehouses each of 360 m². The Airport is also specialized in handling bulky and oversized freights.

150 km west of the Zone lies the largest nationwide international airport – Sofia Airport.

Railway Transport

Plovdiv Region has the thickest railway network in the country. Plovdiv has three passengers railway stations and another one specialized in freight handling. The access to the railway center Plovdiv is provided by the nearby industrial zone of KCM 2000 through their own railroad. From there through the main Bulgarian railway lines №1 and №3 a railway connection is made with the ports of Bourgas, Varna, Russe and Lom.

Sea and river transport

Because of the central location of the Zone in the interior of the country, the connection with the river and sea ports is made by automobile and railway transport via a perfectly developed road network.

Distance from the Zone to the river and sea ports:

  • to Port Bourgas – 300 km
  • to Port Varna - 400 km
  • to Port Russe  - 350 km
  • to Port Lom - 400 km
  • In close future to the Port of Porto Lagos – 150 km.


Industrial Zone Characteristics

At present the total area of the Zone is 470 834 m² lying on an even terrain on the land of the village of Kuklen;

Distribution of the separate plots according to their size/surface/:

  • from 10 000 m² to 20 000 m² –  37.5%
  • from 30 000 m² to 60 000 m² –  50%
  • from 200 000 m² – 12.5%.

Concept for development and separation of the terrain:

  • estate planning – 88 - 90%
  • internal road network –  4 - 5%
  • auxiliary services areas  –  6 - 7%
  • green areas for each planned estate – minimum 20%
  • built up area – 80%.

Utilities – provides an opportunity for electric supply, water supply, option for gasification of each site, access to high speed  internet and telephone lines;
The region provides a wide range of highly qualified staff to serve the needs of the investors;
Distance from the regional centre Plovdiv - 10 km and from the town of Assenovgrad - 8 km;
Situated 15 km south of the Thrace highway and 130 km for the capital Sofia.

Kuklen Industrial and Commercial Zone - Plan

Services provided to Investors in the Zone

  • Provides land with changed status ready for industrial construction;
  • Administrative services and short realization periods;
  • Provides complete professional services and consultations to the investors in relation to the way and opportunities for realization of particular projects;
  • Ensures the issue of all necessary initial construction permits;
  • Construction of industrial buildings in accordance with the investor’s specification in shortened terms;
  • Design and construction of industrial buildings on lease with bank funding contracted by the executor;
  • Places at the investors disposal constructed industrial buildings to let or purchase them;
  • All other feasible investors’ suggestions.


Master plan

Master plan Kuklen (pdf, 1.32 mb)







Kuklen Presentation (pdf, 1.50 mb)





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About the Municipality of Kuklen

With its population of 6 500 people, the Municipality of Kuklen relates to the group of the small municipalities in Bulgaria.



Municipality of Kuklen offers opportunities for development of the industry

The region has a significant economic potential and resources which are necessary for a steady development in the frame of the national economic system and wide Europe and to this effect the development and modernization of the regional transport, ecologic and business infrastructure will help a lot for the realization of this potential.


Transport-geographic location of the Municipality and advantages
With its transport-geographical location and resources the Municipality of Kuklen is one of the most attractive ones in the region and the country.
The Industrial and Commercial Zone is located in an exceptionally suitable area allowing the use of all kinds of transport means available in the region considering its geographical position – automobile, railway and air transport. The perfectly developed and easily accessible land transport network provides also an opportunity to use water transport:

  • Right next to the Zone is located the International Plovdiv Airport – passenger and cargo terminal.
  • Trakia Highway which is connecting the capital Sofia with the city of Plovdiv and with the city of Burgas on the East pass only a few kilometers from the Zone.
  • Road II-86 - the Zone communicates not only with the city of Plovdiv and the city of Asenovgrad, but with the Pamporovo mountain resort (about 80 km away) which is one of the most famous resorts in Bulgaria.
  • Equipment of a new Border cross point to Greece will connect Road II-86 to the city of Ksanti and Porto Lagos port on the White Sea. The distance from the Village of Kuklen to the Porto Lagos Port /140km/ is twice less than the distance to the Burgas Port on the Black Sea.
  • Road II-86 is part of the shortest transport corridor connecting northern and central Europe via the river Danube with the Mediterranean Sea.
  • The Customs Office and The Customs Terminal are located 7-8 km from the Zone.
  • Through the municipal properties goes the natural gas-main, which supplies gas to The Non-ferrous Metals Smelter /KCM SA/ and the Industrial Zone
  • Two high voltage electric transmission networks go through the Kuklen Industrial and Commercial Zone (20 and 220 kV).


Business entities on the territory of Kuklen Municipality
420 business entities are registered in the municipality center – the village of Kuklen showing the economic development of the municipality. They operate mainly in the filed of  retail sales, services, sewing industry,  metal working, etc.


Neighbour manifactures and industrial zones on the territory
Highly developed industrial zone is separated on the municipal land. Within the zone companies distinguished in the Bulgarian metallurgical and chemical industry such as KCM S.A. and the plant protection producer Agria S.A. develop their activities. On different sites in this zone, a number of small but active firms work in various fields, such as metal working, construction and other services.


Skilled human resources
A rich opportunity for selection of well and highly skilled labour force.
The development of the Zone is meant to  hire the vacant labour force not only from Kuklen Municipality, but mostly the labour force of Plovdiv, Asenovgrad and other municipalities, with common population of over 500 000 people. Six institution of higher education are functioning in the city of Plovdiv, several secondary schools and many science institutions.


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