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Parvomai Industrial Zone


Location and Map

Republic of Bulgaria, Region of Plovdiv, Municipality of Parvomai.

Kuklen Industrial and Commercial Zone - Map


Transport Connections and Communications

  • The flat structure of the Plovdiv valley allows the development of a sophisticated road network. Across the region’s territory, there are 59 km of the Trakia Motorway; first class roads are 129 km long, second-class roads – 227 km, and third class roads – 652 km. The remaining 1000 km roads are municipal;
  • The International First Class Road E 80 – Belgrade-Sofia-Plovdiv-Istanbul - runs close to the Parvomai Industrial Zone as well as the Asenovgrad - Chirpan Third Class Road.
  • Well provided Railway transport network in the Municipality and in the Zone; The Western Europe - Istanbul Railroad passes close the Parvomai Industrial Zone.
  • Close to the city passes the Trakia Motorway, which connects the Zone with the capital Sofia;
  • 55 km SW of the Zone is situated the International Plovdiv Airport - the biggest cargo airport in the Balkans from where all big air carriers can transport passengers and goods.



Industrial Zone Characteristics

  • Terrain of 1 000 000 m² in the village of Karadzhalovo, Municipality of Parvomai.
  • Water supply – Drinking and Industrial.
  • Gas supply.
  • Electricity supply.
  • Asphalt road access.
  • Railway Terminals, which serve the particular industrial projects in the zone.
  • Cargo Railway Terminal in the Zone.
  • Distance to the Trakia Motorway – 8 km.
  • Distance to the capital, the city of Sofia – 192 km.
  • Distance to the city of Plovdiv (the second biggest city in Bulgaria) – 52 km.



Services provided to Investors in the Zone>

  • Land with changed status ready for industrial construction;
  • Administrative services and short realization period;
  • Complete professional services and consultations to the investors in relation to the way and opportunities for realization of a particular project;
  • Issue of all necessary initial construction permits and final approval documents;
  • Construction of industrial buildings in accordance with investor’s specifications;
  • Design and construction of industrial buildings to rent, lease or purchase;
  • Railway services in the zone;
  • All other feasible investors’ suggestions.



Master plan

Master plan Parvomai

Master plan Parvomai (pdf, 433 kb)







ParvomaiPresentation (pdf...)





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About the Municipality of Parvomai

General information and infrastructure


575.1 square km.

Number of population centers:

17 (16 villages and 1 town – Parvomai)

Administrative center:

city of Parvomai


Briagovo, Bukovo, Biala Reka, Vinitsa, Voden, Gradina, Dobri Dol, Dragoinovo, Dalbok Izvor, Ezerovo, Iskra, Karadjalovo, Krushevo, Poroina, Pravoslaven, Tatarevo

Unemployment Rate:

14% (2005)

Location and geography

The Municipality of Parvomai is located in South Bulgaria, Plovdiv Region. The Municipality occupies the easternmost part of the Plovdiv - Pazadjik Plain and the northern slopes of the Rhodopes Mountain.
The Municipality is situated in the most Eastern part of the Plodiv field. The Rivers Maritsa and Mechka run through its territory. Valuable water resources are the thermal mineral sources in the Villages of Dragoinovo, Biala Reka and Lenovo.
The city of Parvomai - the center of the Municipality – is situated on 134 meters above sea-level.
The surface of the Municipality is mainly flat. Exceptions are the lands of Voden and Bukovo Villages and parts of Iskra, Briagovo, Dragoinovo and Ezerovo Vilages, which are situated in Dragoina foothill — a part of the Rodopi Mountain.

Natural sights and monuments of culture

There is a 1,860 m² Loddon lily field nearby Vinitsa village. G. Karaslavov museum house, St. Dimiter Church, which is monitored by UNESCO, are located in the city.

Environmental Protection and Tourism

Tourism in the Municipality is underdeveloped but it has a large potential. Dragoina tourist association, which manages Sini Vrah chalet, is operating. A hunting house has been opened nearby Gradina village, which is expected to stimulate the development of hunting tourism. There are three sites having 70 beds in total - Bulgaria Hotel, Char family hotel, Europe Motel. The conversion of the architectural excavations nearby Dragoinovo, Iskra and Dobri Dol villages into tourist sites is forthcoming. Development of water-motor sports and fishing tourism at Briagovo dam lake and by Mechka River; Using the development of vine-growing and wine production in Iskra and Tatarevo villages for the development of business tourism related to production and tasting of local wines.


The climate in the municipality is transitional Mediterranean. Average January temperature is about 1°C and the average July – about 25°C.
The summer is dry and hot and the winter – comparatively soft.
The snow cover is usually thin and it does not keep on for long.
The total of annual rainfall is under the average for the country and come to 532 L/m². Most of the rainfalls fall in December and May, less in August and February-March.
The relative humidity is little – up to 60%.

Agricultural crops

The main crops in the region of Municipality of Parvomai are the grain cultures.


75 000 000 m²


  7 500 000 m²


13 200 000 m²

Associations and memberships

The Municipality is a member of the National Association of Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria and Trakia Regional Association of Municipalities.


Availability of 2 intermediate schools, 3 elementary schools, 10 primary schools, 12 nursery schools.

Economy and business

The Municipality is a co-founder of Business Center Parvomai non-profit association for supporting the development of small and medium businesses.
Manly grain-wheat cultures are being breeding in the Region. The tobacco producing of Oriental, Large-Leaf and Burlain tobacco is developed in the Region.
The agriculture and especially the vegetable-growing are of the greatest importance for the region. It is one of the biggest producers of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and egg-plants. 180,000 m² of glazed greenhouses were built. They grow tomatoes and cucumbers, a large amount of the produce being exported. The vine-growing is developing, too. Vineyards have been planted on large areas in Iskra and Tatarevo villages. Modern factories for wine bottling have been built, too. The industry is concentrated mostly in the town. Four private companies work in the canning industry; three private companies – in Dairy industry; Textile industry - Iskra Ltd. is the biggest factory for passementerie articles in the country, a private factory for wool processing has 16,673 m² total built-up area and is spread on 144,000 m². There are a lot of tailoring workshops in the municipality; Heavy industry - automobile repair plant and cast iron founding. All companies are privatized except a poultry farm, which is a cooperative company within the Central Cooperative Union system. Three privatization transactions with municipal property were concluded: P. Hilendarski former school in Parvomai town, former canteen in Voden village, former bakery in Ezerovo village. The privatization of 8 Mart former kindergarten - Parvomai town, former school in Tatarevo village, former ceramics workshop in Iskra village is forthcoming. The land fund comes to 328,000 m², and the forests - to 110,000 m². There are several mineral springs in the Municipality, Dragoinovo and Byala Reka being the more significant. The mineral spring in Dragoinovo village has been granted under concession.


  • Proximity to the Trakia Motorway
  • The international first class road Е-80 passes through the town of Parvomai
  • 45 km away from the city of Plovdiv – the second biggest city in the country
  • Presence of natural thermal mineral resources
  • Nice climate
  • Gas Supply in the town of Parvomai and the whole municipality
  • High-speed Railway Line - The Railway of Parvomai has been renovated by the European standards. The renovation started in 2004 and it was officially opened by the President Parvanov in May 2006.

Cultural Events

Some of the special events in the municipality are the following:

  • Wine Fair in Parvomai

For the second year in February 2006 the Municipality of Parvomai and Exemplary People Community Center “St. St. Kiril and Metodii” have organized a Wine and Wine-Production Fair “Parvomai 2006” together with a concurs for best home-made wine. The wine factory of Asenovgrad, wine-cellar of Iskra, Haskovo and Zagrei Co. have taken main part in the Fair.

  • XXIV May Cultural Festival

During a whole month every year in May in Parvomai are being implemented the May Cultural Festival in the town of Parvomai, where the people of Parvomai and their guests gather the halls of the People Community Center to meet the art of the visiting theatres, the local dramatic and music-folklore teams, national favorite and local artists and a lot more interesting additional events.

  • Folklore Music and Song Festival

The Festival takes place in the city of Parvomai in September. A lot of national orchestras, folklore groups and single artists take part in this Fest.



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